2012 November

Cold Weather Babywearing

The weather has been getting colder and colder!  Babywearing is a wonderful way to keep your baby warm and snug on cold days!  The warmth of your body is one of the best ways to keep your baby warm. Staying Warm with Front Carries in a Wrap or Sling If you’re using a woven wrap, […]

Getting Started with a Woven Wrap and a Newborn

If you’ve got a brand new baby and a brand new woven wrap, look no further!  Woven wraps are amazing with newborns.  They are snuggly, soft, and supportive.   There are many carries that work well with newborns.  Two carries that are common favorites are Front Wrap Cross Carry and Front Cross Carry.   Front […]

Stretchy Wrap Tutorials and Tips

Need help with your stretchy wrap before the next meeting?  Look no further!  Below are tutorials and tips for using a stretchy wrap. There are two basic carries that can be done with a stretchy wrap such as a Moby or Boba wrap.  They are Front wrap cross carry (FWCC) and Pocket Wrap Cross Carry […]