2013 January

Wearing Two!

Do you have two kids who look something like this?   Babyearing can be a powerful tool for meeting the needs of two kids at once.  Strap them on and dance around the living room for a few minutes and you can turn that ^  (Yikes) into this:   Ahh.  Much better.  So let me […]

Cold Weather Babywearing

By:  Holly Harmon It’s nice to get out of the house in the winter, but it can seem like a chore when the weather is cold and you have a little one to keep warm. I’m no pro at babywearing yet, but I’ll explain what has worked for me and my 21 month old plus […]

You might be a babywearer if . . . 

By:  Darlene Watson of Courage for Birth You might be a baby wearer if…. •    You feel naked if a small person isn’t strapped to you in some fashion •    SSC, FWCC, RS and other letters put together seemingly at random make perfect sense to you You think to yourself “oh this baby is going […]