2013 October

Babywearing through PPD and the Transition Back to Work

Like most working moms, I dreaded going back to work after having my daughter. I was able to stay home for 7 weeks before having to go back, and I had wonderful child care arranged. But still, I missed her. Having battled depression before, it came back for me when my daughter was about 6 […]

10 Reasons Why Toddler-wearing is Awesome!

1.  Toddler hugs and kisses!  Having your toddler close makes it easy to kiss their sweet little head or for them to plant their slobbery little kisses on you or wrap their chubby little arms around your neck.  2.  Toddler-wearing conversations are the best.  Wearing a toddler makes it so easy to talk with them […]

International Babywearing Week!

Next week is International Babywearing Week and we have a week full of fun events planned! Monday October 7:  Social Media Monday On Monday, set your Facebook profile picture to a babywearing photo and set your cover photo to this image: Post about why you love babywearing and share our local group’s facebook page to […]