2015 February

Tips for the Babywearing Traveler

By Autumn Hunter  Traveling, particularly by air, can be a challenge when traveling by yourself, let alone when traveling with a child or children.  We took our first road trip when my son – now just over 2 – was only 8 weeks old and our first flight when he was 4.5 months.  It was […]

Volunteer Spotlight:  Jennah Watters

In order to better get to know the volunteer educators for Patuxent Babywearing, we will be featuring an interview with a different volunteer every week. This week’s volunteer spotlight is Jennah Watters! Name: Jennah Watters Children: Ainsley – b. 2012, Tucker – b. 2015 Meetings attended: Leonardtown/Lexington Park Other Job: Full time, I am a […]