Babywearing Ponchos

by Kristi Wiegman  


You may have noticed that babywearing ponchos are popping up all over on the Facebook Chatter group and looking for a cold weather outdoor babywearing solution I decided to try and make one for myself.  I should note that I am not very crafty and terrible with sewing so I decided to look for an easy DIY no-sew option.  I decided to try this version No-Sew Babywearing Poncho with Fringe posted by BWI of Birmingham.  I won’t try to rehash the directions, since they do such a great job explaining it in their blog post – but I will say that this is a very easy, very forgiving project.  My measurements were not at all precise and I made a few mistakes, but because of the nature of it being a poncho and the fringe element nothing was obvious in the finished project.  I am also pretty sure I cut my second hole (for baby’s head) in the wrong direction, so that means I am kind of wearing mine sideways – but let’s just call that creative license!

It does help to pay some attention to the directions though – this is me after I got a bit ahead of myself and accidentally tied the bottom of my poncho closed (so that it could not physically be put on) because I wasn’t paying attention to the directions . . . luckily it was easy enough to untie – just took me an extra unnecessary 20 mins!  Overall I was very happy with how this turned out and it kept us both warm during a chilly night at a holiday event after dark.  Also the price cannot be beat!  The cost of the fleece was about $8 at Jo-Ann’s.  The fleece I wanted was on sale, but since they almost always have a 50% coupon you could get any pattern for this price!

Christa, a member of our Patuxent Babywearing Chatter group, also made a poncho using the same pattern/ directions from the Birmingham BWI site.  (Christa’s looks more like the one in the blog picture than mine.  I think she is probably better at following directions 😉
If you aren’t in love with the fringed look, another option for an easy no-sew poncho is this DIY No Sew Babywearing Poncho Coat on the Fine & Fair blog.  Stephanie, another Chatter member made one of these and I love how simple it looks!

If you are handy with a sewing machine, there are several options out there for patterns that can be easy projects (so people tell me who actually know how to use their sewing machines).  Sarah’s Poncho on Sleeping Baby Productions site has a turtleneck and looks very warm!

Mandy posted this pic in chatter of a poncho she made as a gift for her sister (what a great idea!) using the Riding Hood Pattern from Stitch Upon A Time.

If you are interested in a poncho or other babywearing coat but don’t want to make your own, there are several commercial options and many variations for sell on etsy.  The lending library also has a Peekaru babywearing coat that can be checked out just like any carrier!

As with any babywearing accessory – always make sure that your child is visible at all times and no fabric is covering his / her airway.  Personally I need a bit of assistance from someone else when using the poncho for back wearing to make sure that I get my daughter’s head through the second hole properly and then I always check it out in a mirror or the reflection from a window or the side of my car to make sure we’ve got everything straight.

If you make any of these ponchos or find another pattern you want to share, let us know!

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