Babywearing through PPD and the Transition Back to Work

Like most working moms, I dreaded going back to work after having my daughter. I was able to stay home for 7 weeks before having to go back, and I had wonderful child care arranged. But still, I missed her. Having battled depression before, it came back for me when my daughter was about 6 months old (I’ve now cut out some medications that I know were affecting this).
The thing I looked forward to most every day was coming home to take a babywearing dog walk around the neighborhood, with her cuddled up close to my chest. We both got out to get some sunshine and exercise, and it kept her close to me for the snuggles I’d missed while I was away.
She is now 21 months old and hardly a baby any more, and we still take those walks as often as possible. Now, instead of smelling her baby hair while she almost dozes off, we talk together. Every day, when we take a walk, she points out something new. I wonder where she learned what a plane, tree, house, the sky is, and then remember that we see these things every day. And though I only understand some of what she says, she is listening, soaking, thinking, learning my every word, gesture, point. And I understand a little more of what she says every day. 
I plan to continue wearing her, now on my back, for as long as she’s happy with me doing it. She’s getting more independent every day, but still loves hopping up on my back to take a little walk. I know she feels safe and calm seeing the world from that vantage point, and I’m more than happy to take her along for a ride. 

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