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Why Should I Join Patuxent Babywearing?

Patuxent Babywearing is a nonprofit organization and all meetings are free and open to the public, as are most of our other events. But there are so many perks to becoming a member! Here are just a few. Memberships are $30 for one year (from your start date). Access to our HUGE lending library. You […]

Should I babywear while…..

Babywearing is a great way to let baby (or toddler) participate in everyday life. But there are a few everyday things that babywearing should not be used for. This is for the safety of baby and caregiver. The saying goes, “If you won’t do it with baby in arms, then don’t do it while babywearing”. […]

* 66 meetings * 36 events * 214 total members, 168 new in 2015 * 52% increase in membership * 20 renewals * 98 new carriers purchased *17 new volunteers

2015 Yearly Summary

Little Babywearers Program

  As caregivers who choose to babywear, we are modeling nurturing and loving behavior. As we wear in our communities, we are educating others about the numerous benefits of babywearing whether it be by simply providing exposure to babywearing when others see us out and about or by actively engaging in conversation about babywearing. But […]

Why I’m loving my SSC right now

The holiday lines are frightful, but my SSC is so delightful! Tis’ the season for long lines and crowded stores. When my little guy was smaller it wasn’t such a big deal to navigate these situations — or time has just made me remember it that way. Now, with a rambunctious 2 year old who […]

December Carrier Freeze

We’ve got exciting plans for our lending library! How often are you asking “What size is this wrap?” “What’s the name of this SSC” “Is this a toddler size?” Well, we are going to put all that info right there on the carrier with ID tags! Having this info right at our fingertips will also […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Jo & Walter Moran

In order to better get to know the volunteer educators for Patuxent Babywearing, we will be featuring an interview with a different volunteer every week. This week’s volunteer spotlight is a special double edition featuring super volunteer couple Jo & Walter Moran! Name: Jo Moran Children: Amelia, 2 Other Accreditations: Certified Adult Volunteer for Job’s […]

International Babywearing Week 2015 – Sponsors and Activities

Happy International Babywearing Week! We have lots of fun activities planned, so please be sure to check the Facebook page and chatter group! There is a scavenger hunt going on in the chatter group as well as daily Rafflecopter giveaways hosted on the main page! Be sure to check the events tab for details on […]

Babywearing from Day 1

by Jennah Watters I didn’t start babywearing until a bit later on with my first child. At around 2-3 months I started using a Moby and Bjorn, and it wasn’t until around 6 months that I started using a ring sling and purchased my first woven wrap. So I was really excited to start babywearing […]

A Cherished Moment

by Alisa Barnes Before this past weekend, babywearing had been just this thing that I did. Don’t get me wrong, I do love it and I wear my son a lot. I think we all have our own personal reasons why babywearing is so amazing. If you’re new just wait for all the awesome things babywearing […]