Keppeke Bollekes Review

by Jennah Watters,  and Kristi Wiegman Back in October we had the opportunity to host a “traveling wrap” via the wonderful Rachel at 5 Minute Recess. The one we hosted was a size 3 grey and ecru. We had it at several meetings, and our volunteers got to try it out more so that we […]

Kinderpack vs Tula

by April Kinney Two of the most popular brands of soft-structured carriers (SSCs) that fit larger babies and toddlers are Kinderpack and Tula. If you’re in the market, you may be wondering which you should get. Here are some thoughts from our Volunteer April Kinney! Wearing and the heat A lot of people ask if […]

Carrier Pros and Cons

Shopping for a new carrier can be really daunting!  There are so many types and acronyms!  How do you know what will work for you?  We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons of each type of carrier which can help you decide what you think will work for you and your baby.  And course, […]