Lenny Lamb Buckle Onbuhimo – Tips and Tricks

Buckle Onbuhimos are a variation of a traditional Asian carrier called an onbuhimo. They resemble a soft-structured carrier (SSC) without a waistband. For more information on the background of this carrier, see notyourpodbutai.tumblr.com. Onbuhimos are primarily used for back carries and should be use when baby: Fits in the carrier knee to knee, not overextended […]

Babywearing Ponchos

by Kristi Wiegman   You may have noticed that babywearing ponchos are popping up all over on the Facebook Chatter group and looking for a cold weather outdoor babywearing solution I decided to try and make one for myself.  I should note that I am not very crafty and terrible with sewing so I decided to […]

Double Hammock – alternate finishes

by Jennah Watters, ABE Double Hammock (DH) is one of the more popular back carries, and one of the first “fancy carries” I wanted to learn. It’s a very supportive multi-layer carry that is great for larger babies or toddlers. There are also a ton of ways to make it even fancier, which is super […]

Advanced Wrapping Class – August 2014

Patuxent Babywearing held its first Advanced Wrapping Class on August 23rd, 2014!  Our first class focused on Double Hammock and Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder (DSS2S) and variations of these carries.  As a review for those who were there (or for those that weren’t able to make it) here is a recap of what we […]

Shoulder Flip Tutorial

Many woven wrappers find shoulder flips tricky.  A shoulder flip is when the wrap comes from below the shoulder and is flipped over the shoulder to create ruck straps.  Shoulder flips are used in tons of back carries including:   Jordan’s Back Carry Giselle’s Back Carry Half Jordan’s Back Carry Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder […]

Wrapping Cheat Sheet

Once you know all of the types of passes that are used in wrap carries, you can easily learn new carries.  Visit our Wrap Pass Glossary to learn all of the pass types.  Here we will show you how the passes are combined to create many common carries.   Cross Carries:  Carries composed mostly of […]

Wrap Pass Glossary

All woven wrap carries can be broken down into different types of passes.  This blog posts will show  you the main types of passes and explain the pros and cons of each type of pass.   Four Main Pass Types All carries include at least one of the following four pass types.   Horizontal/Torso Pass […]

Front Cross Carry Photo-Tutorial

Front Cross Carry is one of my favorite woven wrap carries.  First, it can be completely pre-tied and your baby can be easily popped in and out of the wrap as many times as needed.  This is awesome especially for babies or toddlers who like to be up and down.  Second, it ties in the […]

Photo Tutorial:  How to get an AWESOME Seat in a Woven Wrap Back Carry

1.  Start the wrap on your baby’s back so that the top rail (or edge) is either at the nape of your baby’s neck (if baby will be arms in) or just between the shoulder blades (if baby will be arms out).  Make sure the wrap is smooth and not bunched up at baby’s shoulder […]

What Can You Do with a Base Size Plus One Wrap?

This post will include all of the carries that you can do with your base size plus 1.  If your base size is a 6, these carries will work with a size 7.  If your base size is a 5, you’ll be able to do all of these with a 6.  If your base size […]