Guess Who’s Back?

The volunteers of Patuxent Babywearing have seriously missed helping the caregivers in our community at our monthly meetings. While we are still unable to offer in-person meetings, we are now happy to announce the beginning of contact-free checkouts! As before, any active member of Patuxent Babywearing can check out up to 2 carriers from our […]

Patuxent Babywearing Official Launch for International Babywearing Week!

Did you know it’s International Babywearing Week! IBW this year runs from October 1-9 and we are kicking off celebrations with the official launch of Patuxent Babywearing, a brand new, independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping you enjoy wearing your baby safely and comfortably. In celebration of IBW, we have lots of fun events planned: […]

Patuxent Babywearing Fundraising Drive

Patuxent Babywearing is now live and starting to get on its feet! In the few weeks since we learned that Babywearing International was filing bankruptcy, we have raced nonstop to ensure that caregivers and babywearers in our communities can continue to receive the support and help they deserve. We’ve managed to get established as an […]

Patuxent Babywearing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions: 1. Can I still come to a meeting? Answer: Yes! As of 10/1/2018 Patuxent Babywearing can offer regular meetings with education! Meetings are always free. We are also able to offer library lending for members at meetings again! 2. Will I be able to retain my membership/will it transfer? Answer: Yes! All […]

Why Fundraising??

Ever wonder what we need fundraisers for? Or why we pick the fundraisers that we do? This post can give you some answers. Why is fundraising so important for babywearing groups?   You might be curious what we are using fundraiser money for. We like to supply each lending library with carriers that are in demand. […]

Why Our Lending Library Matters

Our lending library has helped our chapter hold 66 meetings, at 5 locations and support our 214 members last year! That in itself was a lot for us to be proud of. From a volunteer standpoint, the lending library serves as a great wealth of knowledge right at our fingertips. The lending library allows volunteers […]

Should I babywear while…..

Babywearing is a great way to let baby (or toddler) participate in everyday life. But there are a few everyday things that babywearing should not be used for. This is for the safety of baby and caregiver. The saying goes, “If you won’t do it with baby in arms, then don’t do it while babywearing”. […]

Why I’m loving my SSC right now

The holiday lines are frightful, but my SSC is so delightful! Tis’ the season for long lines and crowded stores. When my little guy was smaller it wasn’t such a big deal to navigate these situations — or time has just made me remember it that way. Now, with a rambunctious 2 year old who […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Jo & Walter Moran

In order to better get to know the volunteer educators for Patuxent Babywearing, we will be featuring an interview with a different volunteer every week. This week’s volunteer spotlight is a special double edition featuring super volunteer couple Jo & Walter Moran! Name: Jo Moran Children: Amelia, 2 Other Accreditations: Certified Adult Volunteer for Job’s […]