How to Use a Water Wrap

Many of our members in  love using a water wrap.  There are lots of opportunities for beach fun in Maryland.  A water wrap is a great tool to keep your baby close and happy while also taking care of older kids.  It can also help a baby adapt to being in the water because baby has the comfort of being close to a caregiver while exploring the water.  There are two carries that work very well with a water wrap.  Water wraps are stretchy and are best used for triple layer front carries so that baby is very well supported.  

Pocket Wrap Cross Carry

Pocket Wrap Cross Carry is a carry that can be fully pre-tied before putting baby in.  Then it is easy to pop the baby in and out of the wrap as needed.   The secret to this carry is to pre-tie very snugly before you put the baby in.  This video shows how to do the carry focuses on how to make sure the wrap is tight enough.  

Front Wrap Cross Carry

Front Wrap Cross Carry is another great carry that works well with a water wrap.  It is partially pre-tied and then wrapped around baby.  This carry is a bit more easily adjusted than Pocket Wrap Cross Carry and is fairly easy to nurse in.  This video shows how to do Front Wrap Cross Carry and how to nurse in a water wrap.  

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