Patuxent Babywearing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I still come to a meeting?
Answer: Yes! As of 10/1/2018 Patuxent Babywearing can offer regular meetings with education! Meetings are always free. We are also able to offer library lending for members at meetings again!

2. Will I be able to retain my membership/will it transfer?
Answer: Yes! All members of BWI Southern Maryland and Central Maryland who were current at the time of the transition on 9/1/18 will have their memberships transferred to Patuxent Babywearing. In addition, we will extend all memberships by two months for free to make up for the time that the lending library was not available.

3. Will Patuxent Babywearing have the same benefits of membership?
Answer: Yes! Members of Patuxent Babywearing will be able to check out carriers, attend certain special events and classes for free or at a discount, and enjoy benefits like signing up early for our annual photo fundraiser. Stay tuned: we have plans to introduce new benefits and more special events as well!

4. What will new memberships and renewals with Patuxent Babywearing cost?
Answer: We currently plan to keep membership cost at $30.

5. Will you still be a nonprofit organization?
Answer: Yes, Patuxent Babywearing is a 501c3 non-profit! If you are considering a donation or other type of sponsorship please get in touch with us.

6. Does this mean there will be more meetings?
Answer: Yes! We have grown to include both the former chapters of BWI SOMD and BWI Central Maryland, both groups will continue to offer all of their meetings going forward as Patuxent Babywearing.

7. Where can I find you online/social media?
Answer: Here are our new links! Please join/follow now!

Facebook Page: Patuxent Babywearing
Facebook Chatter Group: Patuxent Babywearing Chatter
Instagram: @patuxentbabywearing and #ptxbw

8. How can I help?
Answer: First of all, thanks for sticking with us! We love babywearing and are so glad you love it, too.

The easiest and best way to help us is to spread the word! The more members we have and the greater presence in the community, the more babywearers we can reach. Bring a friend to a meeting or consider gifting a membership to someone you know who is expecting a new baby. Join/follow our social media accounts (see FAQ #7 above) and invite your friends, too!

We also have a flyer in the files of the Patuxent Babywearing Chatter Facebook group that anyone can print out and put up. If you have a business, we can give you a stack of business cards to place on your counter.

If you are an entrepreneur (brick and mortar, direct sale, etc.), we are happy to partner! Get in touch with us. Or if you have any leads for fundraising or outreach, please pass them onto us!

Finally, volunteer! We are always looking for dedicated, friendly people who love babywearing and are willing to lend a bit of time to help support our group.

Our goal is to ensure that our babywearing community stays strong and supportive throughout this transition period and beyond. Thanks for being here. Carry on!

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