Patuxent Babywearing Fundraising Drive

Patuxent Babywearing is now live and starting to get on its feet! In the few weeks since we learned that Babywearing International was filing bankruptcy, we have raced nonstop to ensure that caregivers and babywearers in our communities can continue to receive the support and help they deserve. We’ve managed to get established as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we’ve joined forces with neighboring babywearing groups to bring Central and Southern Maryland together, and we’ve done so much of the administrative work to continue to provide services like free meetings, educated and knowledgeable volunteers, and a broad lending library.

But we need your help to ensure we can provide those services. Volunteer support and lending libraries, even regular meetings, require insurance. Losing our logo and all the marketing materials means we need new materials, banners, business cards, and labels. Losing access to the BWI lending software means we need to pay for our own account.  

All of these things cost money, and as a nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers who donate their time and efforts we rely on community support. As part of our start up costs this year we also hope to build a reserve portion of our future operating costs to protect against this kind of upheaval.

Please consider donating to us as part of our drive to make Patuxent Babywearing a successful, stable organization and fill this vital function in our community. Every single one of us was nervous when we put on that first carrier. Anything you can give, even $1, will go to helping us ensure that all those nervous babywearers can become confident, safe, and independent caregivers who love Babywearing as much as we do. 

Additionally, as part of our fundraising drive, we have established potential prizes you can win if you donate certain amounts, all the way to a Maryland flag baby carrier! Here’s a link to our Square store with all the details.

We also gladly accept cash donations of any amount at meetups, which at the specified contribution levels will still count toward the prize entries. 

We hope you will consider supporting us and we thank you, as always, for being part of this wonderful community we are proud to call Patuxent Babywearing. 


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