Nine Ways to Break in a New Wrap

There are lots of fun ways to break in new woven wraps (or even play with old ones)!  Breaking in a wrap makes it become softer and easier to work with.  Here are ten of my favorite ways to break in a new wrap.

1.  Wash it.

2.  Dry it.

I usually hang to dry on a door overnight.  You could also dry it in the dryer on air (not heat, unless you don’t mind it shrinking or it’s preshrunk) with dryer balls.

3.  Iron it.

4.  Braid it.

Click here for a video that shows how to braid a wrap.  This is a lovely way to store wraps when you aren’t using them.  

5.  Sit on it.

Seriously!  Somehow sitting on wraps or sleeping on them helps soften them. 

6.  Make a swing.

There are lots of ways to make wrap swings.  You can tie a knot in both ends of the wrap and shut each end in a door.  This works really well if you have two doors directly across from each other in a hallway.  
You can also hang the wrap from any narrow place and tie a square knot at the top.  This is amazingly strong.  Plus, it’s worth hours of entertainment at the park.  

7.  Hang out in the swing yourself.

You know you want to!  

8.  Make a hammock.

One way to do this is just to hang the wrap from something sturdy and wide and tie a square knot at the top.  
Another way to make a hammock is to tie a double knot to attach a wrap to a crib (or any other sturdy object).  Crib hammocks are a great place for kids to hang out and relax!

9.  Wrap with it!

Of course, nothing breaks in a wrap quite as well as just wrapping with it!  

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