Thirty Kinds of Worn Babies

We saw and thoroughly enjoyed “The 15 Kinds of Nursing Babies” and it got us thinking about the worn babies we’ve met at Patuxent Babywearing.  Babies have all sorts of silly antics while being worn.  Here are some of the babies we’ve encountered in Maryland.  

The Leaner

This baby likes to scare random strangers by hanging his or her head back as far as possible.  Sometimes baby just hangs out this way for fun.  Other times baby’s trying to get something that’s just a little out of reach. 

The Sideways Leaner

This kiddo wants to see what’s going on just behind you.  Sometimes the sideways leaner plays peekaboo this way.  Other times baby’s just checking out what’s going on. 

The Hair Puller

This baby thinks hair is the second coolest thing ever.  Coolest thing ever of course is hearing the reaction to the hair pulling.  But Patuxent babywearers have some solutions for this!

The Sleepy Hair Snuggler

When the hair puller gets sleepy, he just gently holds his mama’s hair while he falls asleep. 

The Beard Puller

Babies like to pull on beards and ears too. 

The Jewelry Grabber

This baby loves your jewelry.  Just be careful wearing earrings!

The Face Smacker

Yeah, this baby is really fun. 

The Baby Who Must Be Bribed

Want this baby to take a babywearing walk with you or stay still while you grocery shop? Better have a good snack or a lollipop stash in your purse. 

The Turtle

This baby says “Enough with the selfies already!”

Teething Wrap Chewer

This baby wants to eat #allthecarriers.  This baby is why they sell suck pads. 

The Tattoo Artist

This baby thinks you could use a new tattoo. 

Baby who insists you also wear or carry a doll.

Because wearing dolls around is totally normal. 

The Fishhook baby

Caught ya!

The Hungry Baby

This kid is always smearing food or dropping crumbs on your back. 

The Dentist

Just making sure you flossed. 

The Unimpressed Baby

This baby says “Why are you taking a picture, we do this every day!?”

The Bubble Blower

Yum, drool bubbles. 

The Tantrumer

Even worn babies have tantrums.  Usually a minute of snuggles will do the trick though. 

The Toy Loving Baby

This baby demands that a toy comes along for the ride.   Sometimes the toy loving baby hits you with their toy or decides that now you must carry it. 

The Glasses Snatcher

You don’t need those do you? 

The Sleep Fighter

This baby is afraid if he falls asleep he’ll miss out on something.  Must . . Keep . . . Eyes . . . Open . . .   The carrier always wins though. 

The Seat Popper

This baby tests the integrity of your wrap job.  This leg straightener sometimes even digs their feet into the back of your pants in an attempt to stand.  Thank goodness for cross passes.

The Equestrian

The equestrian thinks he’s riding a horse.  Bounce, bounce, bounce. 

The Shoplifter

Alarms go off when you leave the gift shop?  Check this kiddo’s hands! 

Lolling Head Baby

This baby insists on sleeping with her head hanging back, probably because she likes scaring strangers, who think her head will certainly fall off if she sleeps like that.  She won’t wake up if a toddler is screaming right by her face, but put her head against your chest, instantly awake. 

The Nose Picker

Bet you can’t guess where she wipes those boogers. 

The Chatterbox

This kiddo has a lot to say or sign and enjoys being worn so you can have long conversations about everything. 

The Baby Who Wants to #Wearallthebabies

This baby is going to be an awesome parent some day. 

Joyful Baby

This baby’s pure joy in simple things reminds us to slow down and enjoy the world together. 

The Sweet Sleeping Baby

Wearing a sleeping baby is pure bliss. 
Thank you to all the caregivers who shared photos of their sweet babies with us!  What does your baby do while being worn? 

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