Wearing Two!

Do you have two kids who look something like this?  
Babyearing can be a powerful tool for meeting the needs of two kids at once.  Strap them on and dance around the living room for a few minutes and you can turn that ^  (Yikes) into this:  
Ahh.  Much better.  So let me start by saying there are about a zillion different possibilities for wearing two kids.  I’m going to link a few ideas and videos here organized by type of carrier(s) and hopefully it will be something to get you started.  

Got Two Ring Slings?

You can put two babies into hip carries using two ring slings.  

Got a Mid-length Woven Wrap and a Pair of Sling Rings?

Try Jasmin’s Tandem Hip Carry.  This carry puts two babies into hip carries that can be separately adjusted without the bulk of two ring slings.  

Got a Long Woven Wrap?

There are tons of ways to wear two kids in one woven wrap.  With this first method, you put one baby on your back in a ruck and the second baby in the front in the crosses of a tibetan tie.  This works with twins or with siblings of different ages.  

Got Twins and a Stretchy or Long Woven Wrap?

With a long woven or stretchy wrap, you can do Pocket Wrap Cross Carry with twins in each cross or Front wrap cross carry with twins on each side of the pouch.  This is a great method with smaller babies (under about 12 lbs) and allows for both babies to be on the front.

This video shows how to tie PWCC and demonstrates the carry with dolls:

This next video shows the carry pretied, but demonstrates putting in twins with real babies rather than dolls.

This video shows a variation on Front Wrap Cross Carry that can be done with twins to get both babies on front in a nice snug carry.  This can be done with a stretchy wrap or a long (base size plus 1) woven wrap.

Got Two Woven Wraps?

With two wraps, the possibilities are endless.  It’s easiest to pretie or semi-pretie a front carry.  Front wrap cross carry or Front cross carry are great carries to pretie or partially pretie on front.  After pretying the first wrap, you can do a back carry of your choice with the child in back.  Then, add the front child to your pretied carry on the front.  This video shows a pretied pocket wrap cross carry with a stretchy wrap and a ruck back carry.  
You can also put one baby on the back and then hook the second wrap onto the first one. Note:  This method should only be done with a wrap back carry.  It is not recommended to thread a short wrap through the straps of a soft structured carrier or meh dai because these carriers are not designed to withstand the weight of a second child at the shoulder straps.   

Got Two Meh Dais or Two SSCs?

It’s also possible to use two meh Dais or two SSCs or a combination of the two.  Here’s a video that shows a twin tandem carry with two SSC’s.  

The possibilities are endless.  There are also great forums and groups for tandem wearing support.  One is the tandem babywearing facebook group and another is thebabywearer’s wearing more than one forum.  

Happy Tandem Wearing!  🙂

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