What #babywearingcan Do For You

Have you been following along with our Instagram account? You may have seen our hashtag, #babywearingcan. Our volunteers and members have seen how #babywearingcan help on a daily basis.

Why “#babywearingcan?” We don’t ever want a caregiver to feel as if choosing/not choosing to use a carrier is a win/loss situation. Finding what works for you is always positive. What we want to do, is share the impact of carrier use from our personal experiences. Do any of these situations seem familiar to you?

Two kids under two. Doctor’s appointment. #babywearingcan help!


Daylight Savings Time = tantrum time. #babywearing can help!


Trip to the zoo. Fences block the view from the stroller or the ground. #babywearingcan help!


Overwhelmed toddler at a large public event. #babywearingcan help!


Newborn with reflux. Must get things done. #babywearingcan help!


New town. Looking for new friends. #babywearingcan help!


Babywearing can be a wonderful tool in your caregiving toolbox. Whether it’s your sixth child or your first, wearing a baby (or toddler), can allow you to accomplish things you might not be able to otherwise. From bonding to burping, if babywearing has helped you, use #babywearingcan on social media to share it with us!

Need help learning how to babywear or finding a carrier that works for you? Come to one of our free meetings in Maryland and see how #babywearingcan help you!

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