What Can You Do with a Base Size Woven Wrap?

What can you do with a Base Size woven wrap?   Your base size is the size needed to do front wrap cross carry or double hammock with the amount of excess tail that you prefer.  To find your base size, come to a meeting!  We have all sizes of wraps and you can try them on and see which size you prefer.

The Full Series of Carries by Size

Front Wrap Cross Carry

Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) is a comfortable front carry.  Many people choose this as the first carry to learn because it teaches strand by strand tightening which is the key to successful wrapping.  This video gives a great explanation of strand by strand tightening.  

Front Cross Carry

Front Cross Carry (FCC) is a poppable front carry.  The wrap can be pretied and baby popped in and out as needed.  It’s easy to adjust and to nurse in. 

Front Double Hammock

Front Double Hammock is very similar to front cross carry except it has two sling passes rather than two cross passes. This variation is excellent for babies who like to lean and newborns who don’t want their legs overspread.  

Reinforced Kangaroo

Reinforced Kangaroo is an incredibly comfortable front carry which is especially nice with a sleepy baby because it is easy to lay baby down on the wrap.  

Double Hammock

Double hammock is one of the most popular (and comfortable) back carries.  This carry has a chest pass which supports much of baby’s weight and is wonderful with a heavier baby.  

Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder

Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder is a comfy back carry which is similar to double hammock in support, but without the chest pass.  This carry can be slightly airier in the summer.  

You’ll also be able to do all of the Base Size minus 1  carries and many of the Base size minus 2 carries without too much excess tail.

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