What Can You Do with a Base Size Plus One Wrap?

This post will include all of the carries that you can do with your base size plus 1.  If your base size is a 6, these carries will work with a size 7.  If your base size is a 5, you’ll be able to do all of these with a 6.  If your base size is a 7, you’ll be able to do all of these carries with a size 8.  

The Full Series of Carries by Size

Double Hammock Tied Tibetan or with an added chestbelt

This video shows a tibetan tie and a sternum strap chestbelt, but you could add any chestbelt that you want to a double hammock.  

Ruck Strap Chestbelt Variations

Any of the ruck strap variations could be added to a double hammock or to any back carry with ruck straps (such as Jordan’s back carry, Giselle’s back carry, back wrap cross carry with ruck straps, ruck, reinforced ruck, etc).  

Taiwanese Carry

The Taiwanese carry looks very complicated, but it is actually pretty simple and quite comfortable.  It has one short tail coming over the shoulder and all of the passes are made with the other tail.  The long tail loops around the short tail for each pass.  There are two sling passes and a horizontal pass.  The carry is very similar to Jordan’s back carry with two sling passes.  

Wiggleproof Back Carry

“Wiggleproof” is a ruck variation with cross passes that begin under baby’s leg and are spread up and over baby’s back.  

Back Wrap Cross Carry with Wiggle Proof Passes and a Sweetheart Neckline

This extra long variation on back wrap cross carry has wiggle proof passes and a double chest pass that looks like a sweetheart neckline.  

With a base size plus one, you can also do Base Size carries and most Base Size minus 1 carries without too much excess tail.

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