Why Should I Join Patuxent Babywearing?

Patuxent Babywearing is a nonprofit organization and all meetings are free and open to the public, as are most of our other events. But there are so many perks to becoming a member! Here are just a few.

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Memberships are $30 for one year (from your start date).

  1. Access to our HUGE lending library. You can try carriers at a meeting, but you can only take them home with you if you’re a member! Members may check out one carrier per month. Need a water carrier for a vacation? Don’t buy one – borrow one! Want an SSC for a zoo trip? Don’t buy one – borrow one! Want to see if that carrier is really right for you by wearing it for more than a few minutes? Take it home to give it a more thorough try before you buy! Want husband to try a carrier and he can’t make the meeting? Take the carrier to him! Some of our members don’t even own their own carrier – they just borrow one of ours each month!  Our group has over 350 different carriers that you can try!
  2. Help our group grow! Your membership fee helps our group grow! Not only do we use this money to purchase new carriers, we also use fees to help spread the word about babywearing, increase efficiency with things like our great online lending library software, buy demo dolls for use during meetings for expectant parents, and put on fun events!
  3. Early access to photo fundraisers! We hold at least one photo fundraiser each year, and it’s a great opportunity to get professional family photos for a great price. Paid members gets first access to the fundraiser and can pick time slots first. The spots often go quickly!
  4. Free or discounted entry to other events. For some other events we hold, such as Babywearing Ballerinas, we charge a small fee for non members to attend. Members, however, are free!
  5. You get a SWAG BAG!! Starting this year, new members get a swag bag when they join full of fun stuff including discounts from local vendors! (If you don’t get one when you sign up, please remind us to grab one for you!)
  6. Join a wonderful community of caregivers. There is a great chance that someone you meet at a meeting may become a lifelong friend! I know that has happened to a great many of our members. Our members are friendly, caring, fun, and looking for mom/parent friends just like you! (Yes, you can totally be a member of this community for free, too – but we appreciate you supporting us!)


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