You might be a babywearer if . . . 

By:  Darlene Watson of Courage for Birth

You might be a baby wearer if….

•    You feel naked if a small person isn’t strapped to you in some fashion

•    SSC, FWCC, RS and other letters put together seemingly at random make perfect sense to you

  • You think to yourself “oh this baby is going to sleep or else” as you strap the nap-opposed child to you … and you win, every time.

•    You get really good at catching things dropped over your shoulder
•    Feeling drool run down your neck or down your chest is just part of going shopping

•    You pick out yours and your child’s outfits by how “wearable” it makes them

•    You may have coordinated special outfits with your carrier (or purchased a carrier for a special occasion…that black and red ring sling has been just begging for a holiday party)

•    You wonder why strangers would offer to help you get your child off your back…you put him there!

  • You have been accused of smuggling babies in your clothes
•    You stand strategically out of reach of fun to grab items at the store (gift card racks, hair clips, gum, magazines, etc).
  • You know that, when faced with a toddler tantrum, you can strap them to you and tame the beast….or at least keep them contained without it actually looking like you have tied them up.  It even looks pretty!

•    You have been asked if you have “invented that” by strangers admiring your carrier

•    Even your children are too lazy to actually hold their stuffed animals!

  • Your cell phone is full of weird self portraits of your shoulder, hair, and part of your baby.  

•    You think passing food to a person riding on your back, and knowing it will get in your hair, is just a matter of course

•    You think wearing an empty carrier could double as a fashion accessory•    You get comments like “interesting scarf” when you realize you’re still wearing the wrap after you’ve taken your baby out.

•    You think nothing of swinging a baby / toddler over your head to attach them to your back (and baby / toddler thinks it’s fun)

•    You wonder why no one is looking at you funny when you’re not wearing your child
•    You  know these days will pass too quickly and you’re enjoying every moment of baby/toddler snuggles while you still can.  
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