Breastfeeding and Baby Wearing Your Toddler

by Christina Fowlkes

Breastfeeding and baby wearing are two of my son’s favorite things, so it’s only natural that the two are so very compatible. I love being on the go and it’s so nice to get the grocery shopping done and feed the baby at the same time–and now that he’s a toddler, it’s nice to have him occupied instead of trying to eat or open everything in the cart.

Breastfeeding while baby wearing seemed easy, but the first time I gave it a shot, I realized the moms I saw so effortlessly feeding their babes in carriers had a few tricks up their sleeve. We already have a great post on tips and tricks with links to some great videos here.

I’ve also made a series of how-to-nurse-your-toddler-while-baby-wearing videos. The basics are still the same, but now that he’s more in charge these days than I am–things are a bit different! Mostly we both just have to be a bit more flexible. He’s taller, but has more control. He’s more demanding, but tends to be all business at the breast. Eating solids sometimes means cleaning clementines and ginger snaps out of my bra! Whatever age your little one, I hope you find these videos helpful! Wear them close and enjoy those milky smiles!

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