Just For Fun

What #babywearingcan Do For You

Have you been following along with our Instagram account? You may have seen our hashtag, #babywearingcan. Our volunteers and members have seen how #babywearingcan help on a daily basis. Why “#babywearingcan?” We don’t ever want a caregiver to feel as if choosing/not choosing to use a carrier is a win/loss situation. Finding what works for […]

Little Babywearers Program

  As caregivers who choose to babywear, we are modeling nurturing and loving behavior. As we wear in our communities, we are educating others about the numerous benefits of babywearing whether it be by simply providing exposure to babywearing when others see us out and about or by actively engaging in conversation about babywearing. But […]

There’s a WRAP for that!

One of the best things about babywearing is that your carrier can be an all purpose baby/child tool!  Here are some of the uses our members have found for their carriers! Not enough swings at the park?  There’s a wrap for that! Sleeping kid needs a blanket?  There’s a wrap for that! Your dog is […]

You might be a babywearer if . . . 

By:  Darlene Watson of Courage for Birth You might be a baby wearer if…. •    You feel naked if a small person isn’t strapped to you in some fashion •    SSC, FWCC, RS and other letters put together seemingly at random make perfect sense to you You think to yourself “oh this baby is going […]