December Carrier Freeze

We’ve got exciting plans for our lending library! How often are you asking “What size is this wrap?” “What’s the name of this SSC” “Is this a toddler size?” Well, we are going to put all that info right there on the carrier with ID tags! Having this info right at our fingertips will also help streamline the check in and check out process. In order to do this, we will not be checking out carriers in December.

All carriers checked out in November MUST be returned at the December meeting. If you can not make it to a December meeting, please contact a VBE to return your carrier before hand. No check outs will be issued at the December meetings.

All of your Patuxent Babywearing volunteer elves will be getting together at the end of the year to sew ID tags on ALL the carriers. We will also be doing a carrier shake up shifting carriers between the libraries in an effort to provide each of our members a nice variety of carriers to borrow.

*The November Annapolis meeting has been canceled. All carriers currently checked out are due at the December meeting.
*The December Odenton meeting has been canceled. There will be no checkouts at the Nov meeting.
*The Community Swap will be held during the time of the December La Plata meeting. There will be no separate meeting but you will be able to return carriers to a volunteer at the swap!

Please check here for a list of all our upcoming meetings and locations.

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