Should I babywear while…..

Babywearing is a great way to let baby (or toddler) participate in everyday life. But there are a few everyday things that babywearing should not be used for. This is for the safety of baby and caregiver. The saying goes, “If you won’t do it with baby in arms, then don’t do it while babywearing”. While this is true think it through when going into an activity.


10. DON’T wear baby while riding a horse.
You love horseback riding and want to share that love with baby? There are ways to do this. For example, you can wear Baby while working around the barn and taking care of the horses. You can have baby sit on the sidelines and watch you ride. When riding it is recommended that you wear a helmet. In most cases, Baby does not have a properly fitting helmet leaving their delicate head unprotected. In the event the horse bucks and your thrown off you could potentially land on top of your baby when hitting the ground.


9. DON’T wear baby while diving/riding in a car.
Even for a short distance. Baby should always be buckled into their car seat while riding in a moving vehicle. Accidents do happen. And can happen even on just a short trip down the road. One great option is to wrap using a poppable carry so you can quickly get baby in and out from their carseat. For example, Front Cross Carry, coolest hip cross carry, or hip cross carry.



8. DON’T wear baby while cutting grass
Sounds like a great idea? But it’s not. When cutting grass, with either a push or riding mower, there are a few things to think about. The loud noise that comes from the lawnmower. That noise can hurt babies ear drums and over time could possibly cause damage. Have you even cut the grass and had a rock go flying? Maybe breaking a window? It’s not uncommon for debris to shoot up when cutting the grass and rocks or anything like that could possible hit baby. If you must cut the grass placing baby in a pack n play in sight but not near where you are cutting is a great option. So you can still get the job done and baby can safely play while watching from afar.


7. DON’T wear baby while cooking.
Okay. Okay. You are thinking okay fine we will never get to eat. There are ways to safely wear baby and feed your family. First if you are making sandwiches you can easily wear your baby. But if you are cutting up veggies or frying Oreos (yummy) then its best to place baby in a safe place until you are done. Why? As we all know, Babies are fast. They are quick to grab whatever catches their attention. Which could be a knife or that hot oil. If you baby is older you could wear your baby on your back. But be sure to always be aware of what is within their reach. Because even on your back baby can snatch things quickly. If you are going to be frying up foods I would still avoid wearing baby because splattering oil can land anywhere and even hit baby’s legs as they wrap around you. Instead, when cooking let baby help from the comfort of their high chair. If they are older let them mix or just give them a few toys to keep them entertained.



6. DON’T wear baby on an airplane during take-off or landing.
We all know take offs and landings can be rough and when wearing a baby, you are risking being tossed around during rough turbulence and landing on baby. Remember mass X speed= force….. so “I will be able to hold my baby tight” just won’t work. You are welcome to wear you baby during your flight if they need some comforting but once that seatbelt light comes on place them back in their car seat. It’s the safest place for them. You can always put them back in their carrier once you have un-boarded the plane. Safe travels for everyone.



5. DON’T wear baby while riding a boat
Whenever riding a boat, you should always wear a life jacket. Which means baby should be wearing a lifejacket also.



4. DON’T wear baby while roller skating.
Rollerskating leaves a large falling risk. Leaving you falling on baby. A better option is to rollerblade while pushing baby in a stroller. This allows you both to enjoy



3. DON’T wear baby while working out.
This doesn’t mean all exercise is bad while babywearing but you need to pay attention to which ones you do. Lifting weights, running, swimming these are all activities best done without baby. If you want to work out with baby try these options. Babywearing ballet and walking are great alternatives. Just remember to always take it slow.


2. DON’T wear baby while skiing.
Even if you are a pro skier accidents happen. Whenever you are wearing baby you always risk the chance of falling and squishing baby.

1. DON’T wear baby while riding a bike.
When riding a bike, you should always wear a helmet. And so should baby. There is always a chance you could fall off. Even the best bike riders hit a rock or catch something on the ground knocking their bike off balance from time to time. This could leave you falling on to baby and hurting them. Baby should ride safely in a trailer hooked to the back of the bike. Or in their own seat on the bike. While always wearing a helmet. Remember that even if you are an amazing biker and are taking every precaution to be safe, other cars and bikers are not always taking your safety into consideration.


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