What Can You Do with a Base Size minus 3 Woven Wrap?

Your base size minus three can be a really versatile wrap size!  This size does wonderfully with hip carries and two layer back carries.  Here are some carries you can try!

The Full Series of Carries by Size

Slip knots!

The key to loving a short wrap is learning to tie a slipknot.  So we’ll start off with a slip knot tutorial!

Traditional Sling Carry

Traditional Sling Carry is an awesome front or hip carry that can be done with a wrap that is your base size minus 3, 4, or 5.  With a base size minus 3 wrap you’ll have longer tails, but this carry is great to pretie and just pop baby in and out of.  This video shows it with a newborn, but it’s an awesome carry from birth-toddlerhood.  

Semi-Front Wrap Cross Carry (Semi-FWCC)

This one is a tad more comfy than traditional sling carry because it has a nice waistbelt.  It can be done as a hip or front carry and is really easy to nurse in.  

Front (or hip) Reinforced Torso Sling (FRTS/HRTS)

This one is very similar to Semi-FWCC, except that it has two sling passes.  This can be done as front carry or a hip carry.  

Short Cross Carry with a Sling ring (SCC)

This is a nice poppable front carry if you have a sling ring handy.  You can do short cross carry without a sling ring too, but it tends to take up a little more length than a base minus 3 for most people.  

Hip Kangaroo

Hip Kangaroo is a comfy hip carry that is tied around baby.  

Ruck tied under the bum (RUB)

This is a fairly advanced back carry.  If you have enough length, you can tie in front.  Ruck tied in front will be on our “What can you do with a base size minus 2” post, since most people need their base size minus 2 to tie in front.

Short Ruck Tied at the Shoulder (short RTAS)

This carry is just like Ruck tied under the bum, but tied at the shoulder.  

Knotless Ruck

This is just like short ruck TAS, except with a knotless finish aka buleria finish.  

Reinforced Torso Ruck

This ruck variation is just like short ruck tied at the shoulder, but with a spread horizontal pass instead of a bunched pass.  This carry should really be called reinforced rear horizontal pass ruck.  Sometimes people call this the pirate carry because of the R’s in the name.  (arrr) 😉

Double Sling

This back carry has two sling passes.  The video explains how to do the shoulder flip, which is a little tricky and is used in the next few carries.  

Half Jordan’s Back Carry (Half-JBC)

Half JBC is just like double sling except instead of two sling passes, there’s one sling pass and then a cross pass.  This is a nice one for babies who are squirmy because the sling pass protects against leaning and the cross pass protects against leg straightening.

Short Back Cross Carry (SBCC)

Short back cross carry is awesome with babies who like to leg straighten.  It’s just like double sling, except with two cross passes instead of sling passes.  It’s not a great carry with babies who like to lean, but it’s excellent for leg straighteners.  

Double Hammock Sling (also called Back Reinforced Torso Sling)

This is a short one shouldered variation on double hammock.  Sometimes it’s also called back reinforced torso sling or rear reinforced torso sling.   I find it works best with bigger babies and toddlers, but is really comfy and pretty.  

Double Hammock Torso Carry

This one is very similar to DH sling, but ties at the chest and leaves your shoulders free.  In this video, she uses a longer wrap and adds cross passes to use up the extra length, but if you’re working with a 3, you can stop after tying at the chest if you don’t have any more length to work with.

Knotless Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder

This carry is a short variation on Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder.  The video below shows a few variations, but the short one is the one that can be done with a base size minus 3.  

Have Fun Wrapping!

Base Size minus 3  wraps are so versatile!  There are tons of things you can do.  You can probably also do many of the Base Size minus 4 Carries without too much length.  You might also find that you can do many of the Base Size minus 2 Carries with your Base size minus 3 wrap as well. 

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