Why I’m loving my SSC right now

The holiday lines are frightful, but my SSC is so delightful! Tis’ the season for long lines and crowded stores. When my little guy was smaller it wasn’t such a big deal to navigate these situations — or time has just made me remember it that way. Now, with a rambunctious 2 year old who runs like a he’s training for the Olympic 100 meter dash, my SSC provides the comfort and ease of quick ups and down’s that I need to make it through my errands.

Here we are in a long line at the post office waiting to mail some holiday gifts.



Here are a few more reasons why I love my SSC:

  • If we’re making multiple stops I can keep it buckled at my waist and spend less time in the cold
  • It’s easy for my husband to use it if I need him to
  • When we are out and about I can fold and buckle it to make it small enough to fit in our bag
  • It’s toddler tantrum tested and mom approved
  • Weird people ask if they can take a ride next– I’m just kidding. Please stop asking babywearers this.


Without a doubt, the #1 reason I’m loving my SSC right now is that it makes my life easier. Of course I  still love my other carriers, but with all the running around that I have to do during the holiday season my SSC is the best fit for my toddler and I.

If you’re loving your SSC right now, tell us why!


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